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 I can't wait to welcome your daughter into our next coaching group! 

Here's what girls are saying about the program:  

“Ms. Tahira was great! She has a lovely character. She helped me get through things I didn’t have anyone to talk to about.”- Group Coaching Client 

Mrs. Bell coached me. She was always excited to see me and paid attention to what I wanted to talk about.. She allowed me to be transparent and open about my concerns. She was supportive and approachable. Her questions helped guide me and she always listened during our sessions which encouraged me to continue because she was being such a good listener. I was really happy with our sessions. - Kiara S.

 “I learned so much! I will absolutely make different and better choices now and in the future. Continue to inspire young girls, you’re good at it!” - Breanna S. 

Your Daughter's Coach

I’m Tahira Bell, and I'm life coach for teen girls. I help girls with big ideas learn to make powerful decisions with confidence through personalized life, leadership, and confidence coaching. 

My philosophy is to continuously build up her confidence in her ability to stand in her greatness as she navigates through the challenging teen years with a vision and plan to accomplish her life’s goals.  

 I will come alongside girls like your daughter as a trusted confidant, personal cheerleader, mentor, and accountability partner.  

What sets me apart from other life coaches is that I know about the pressures and issues teen girls face today first-hand. My teaching career in middle and high school gave me the insight I needed to create teen empowerment programs. Even out of the classroom, I consider myself a Forever Educator.

I am so passionate about working with girls on the life issues they are experiencing. I am a certified life coach, a graduate of the Teen Wisdom Life Coach Training Program (the only life coaching certification program with a curriculum that focuses on teen girls and young women,) a graduate of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, and a member of the first graduating cohort of the A Heart for Girls’ Business Academy.  

Your daughter has huge dreams and an opportunity to live out her passion, if you are ready for someone ignite her creativity, inspire her to take action now to reach her goals, and develop the skills she needs to build her confidence, you won't want her to miss opportunity! Join the waitlist now!